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Apple’s End! Trump Plans To Control Cook’s Company

The word change is very closely related to Trump, he promised many of them. The complete impact can’t be calculated blindly, Donald gave small hints. The real policies still remain in darkness; Apple’s executives are naturally tensed. Trump’s action plans are empty, the positions are continuously changing. Republicans lost their trust months ago, they hated them silently. His personal needs are more important anything, Trump can exploit any system. The tariff on special imported good will increase to 35%, a nasty recession is coming. Companies can’t be stopped from doing business, they will always be competitive.

Apple’s End! Trump Plans To Control Cook’s Company

Shocking comments brought him here, shocking actions will follow now. FBI will have better control now, the surveillance will be stricter. His administration will prioritize these areas; people’s privacy is not even in this agenda. USA’s tech world knows Hillary Clinton, she believed in powerful policies. She fought for encryption rights, reformed patents and promoted education. Trump’s website had nothing related to this; he didn’t seem interested in technology. Intellectual property, innovation and privacy are not his cup of tea. Apple develops their ecosystems very rapidly, Trump will check the investments. Some jobs will disappear mysteriously; IT industry will struggle to grow.

Clinton’s main foe was the email controversy, FBI loved talking about that. The FBI officers will back Donald on this one; the secret links are already exposed. The friendship between Donald and FBI happened last winter. He tried to motivate the people, Apple was aware of that. Comney broke the encrypted walls before, he used external help too. Trump promoted Android, Google was naturally happy. Android’s encryption is toothless, exploiting that is very easy. Employing will be much difficult now; minorities will pass through many barriers. Cook is strict against discrimination, he can take radical steps. Financial deadlocks will be created,  business will not happen smoothly.

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