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Latest Update of Pokémon Comes with Safety Features and Also Battery Saving Mode

Recently a new update had been augmented for the widely popular game Pokémon Go, with this new update there were new features that had been introduced. In the new update, there was a safety feature that had been included for those who were driving and playing the game. Apart from that the batter saver mode which is said to be useful was also introduced.

Latest Update of Pokémon Comes with Safety Features and Also Battery Saving Mode

This new update was welcomed to the delight of the various agencies of law enforcements who are presently trying to cope up with the reckless driving that has been caused by the gaming phenomenon. In the latest version 1.3 of Pokémon Go, a dialog props up letting the person know essential information like in case they are going fast/

This is because there are monitors that are built inside the app which watches the speed of the vehicle. This is done in order to ensure that the person does not drive recklessly. Off late there were a lot of concerns that were there for the government officials which were pretty serious. With the new prompt feature, the player has to go ahead and confirm that they are not driving but are sitting on the passenger seat while playing.

Apart from that as mentioned earlier, there is also the battery saver mode which due to technical reasons had been pulled back previously. However now this feature is back again, along with that there are various other features that have also been introduced, For example, the previously known nearby feature, is now known as Sightings. There is also a feature that tweaks the player about the various players that are close by; this allows the users to know the Pokémons nearby. Apart from that, the bug that was the reason behind why the extra XP bonus from good, excellent or nice throws was prevented has also been fixed through the latest update.

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