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Major Flaw! No One Saw This Flaw In iPhone 7, Company Silent

Apple skipped many things recently and iPhone has too many faults. Some recent tests have exposed those rough areas and Apple can’t say anything about it. Many iPhone owners use special skins which cover the device entirely, this generally prevents the scratches. Apple said something else though, they boasted about this phone’s toughness. The scratches can really annoy users; they have to take precautions beforehand. The model in “Jet Black” colour is particularly faulty, the plastic cover creates problems. The small text which is present on the iPhone’s back attaches itself with the skin. This is really shocking because it has Apple’s trademarks.

Major Flaw! No One Saw This Flaw In iPhone 7, Company Silent

Apple should have noticed it, this is about their design. Some users posted pictures showing the effect and their iPhone’s back looked very cheap. Some Apple enthusiasts wanted to know more about it, they forcibly opened the skin. The letters were now on the thin plastic; this result was not expected by anyone. Apple imports many things from other countries; they used cheaper products to bring down the cause. It is just that Samsung’s flaws were bigger, their luck didn’t support them. Companies often make these kinds of mistakes, but it never creates big problems. Apple used the word “best”, but the product refused to agree.

The protector remained for just one minute, the letters couldn’t withstand it. Other users also experienced similar things, ‘Slickwraps’ produced the same outcome. The phone’s compatibility with other products is very low; it is not customizable at all. Users can always add things of their own, Apple can’t interfere with that. Previous models were safe from this, the “best” model ahs more flaws. A superior process was used to achieve this finish; the anodization took place in as many as nine steps. Apple never showed any pictures of this process, the name is not enough to convince customers.

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