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Only 9% Plans to Use iPhone 7 Rest Decline‘s to Upgrade

According to the official survey made online it has been revealed that only a fringe amount of iPhone owners are planning for upgrading their phone to iPhone 7. The reason is what Fargo expected. Many do not want to change to the updated version as the look and feel is very much same just 25.2% might upgrade due to the branded design nothing more.

Only 9% Plans to Use iPhone 7 Rest Decline‘s to Upgrade

The online survey says only 40% would hardly like to go with upgraded design. Rest more that 40,000 says they are extremely unhappy with such similar features and utility- they would not even invest a penny for such low transformation. This is surely a bad luck for the investors now.

According to the report 44.4 percent hardly upgrades the iPhone in the last three years , only 6^ upgrade every year and rest reveal that they do the up gradation every two years at max. Now Apple decide to launch the upgrade every three year would surely shatter its market somehow. Apple says that it would definite to win over its consumers when it will launch the product. Surely it will be a success they are confident with this.

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