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Apple Plans to Drop Lightning Headphones in iPhone 7 Box

There are a lot of rumors surfacing around the Apple iPhone 7. The new rumors say that the phone will not be carrying any headphones. It is somehow confirmed that Apple will be dropping the standard 3.5mm jacks from their devices. The headphone jack will be replaced by the lightning connector.

Apple Plans to Drop Lightning Headphones in iPhone 7 Box

Looking at the comparison on the standard 3.5 mm jack headphones vs. the lightning headphone jacks, the one carrying the lightning connector jacks were performing better. Undoubtedly they will be costlier too. The lightning connecter headphones are expensive than the standard 3.5mm jack headphones however are also able to deliver promising quality. The lighting connector headphones begin at somewhat $45 and may go up to $1000 or more too. After comparing the top 2 headphones in a row that is Audeze El‐8 with Sine headphones we could easily figure out why the lightning port is better than any other port headphone.

These headphones are for people who demand more clarity while listening to music. It could be termed as a potential game changer. The headphones holds good value while lowering down the noise and giving higher sound clarity. The effect on the battery life of the Apple iPhone is still unclear. We are still not sure how much affect these ports will be having on the iPhone’s battery. These lightning headphones are a good deal to look at. These headphones are packed with high quality of volume sensors and thus they are also warning people not to use them with more than 70 percent of the device volume. It could be really bad for your health and leave you completely deaf even in worst case.

It is also being assumed that the company may be dropping the headphones in the box of the iPhone. The company is trying to sell them differently. It is widely expected that the new phone box won’t be having any headphones.

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