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Problems Faced by Google With Instant Apps That are Android Based Which Can Be a Solver

There is a difference between the Instant apps that are designed in such a way that they modularize the apps that are Android based so that the components that are needed immortally can be easily downloaded. A solution was presented by Google for the users so that the download can be done manually as these sorts of apps are used really. The reality of the matter is that the aims of Instant apps is not much towards solving the problems of the user or even the OS level fragmentation when it comes to the Android version. The problem is that in order to remain relevance in the world of mobiles, there are various efforts being made by Google search.

Problems Faced by Google With Instant Apps That are Android Based Which Can Be a Solver

It is said that Google would prefer that smartphone users start their search with the help of the Google search followed by the links that would come in the form of a result. One of the problems is the fact that a lot of the users may not have installed the app which can also result in various kinds of delays. Unlike the search option of Google on the PC where the user can end up directly into the page where they can go ahead and buy something or even be tracked with the use of the tracking cooking, it is very different in the case of the Google search when it comes to the mobile factor.

It is said that the search option is not used that much on the Phone in comparison to the laptops. A lot of times, people just go ahead and use the app for various purposes. This is one of the biggest challenges and problems that Google faces right now as it does not have much control over the desktops that are iOS based. In fact last year, the Spotlight Search was deployed by the company which provided all the necessary recommendations.

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