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Apple Takes Back Number One Spot From Google in The Market Again

This year for the second time, Google overtook Apple by earning the title of being the most valuable company of the world. Though this did not last long like last time as it was noted in the blog written by Phillip Elmer‐DeWitt, the number one slot was taken back by Apple again. The changing fortunes of the stock market of Apple can be reflected the back and forth movements. Based on the recent decline on the sales of the iPhones, the attempts of the market are trying to make a little sense.

Apple Takes Back Number One Spot From Google in The Market Again

This was noticed even by the noted investors who are billionaires as they were trying to find out which way they needed to bet as Warren Buffet jumped in while Carl Icahn bailing out. Matt Phillips the former WSJ finance writer and Quartz reporter suggested that the move made by Buffett’s was probably he thought that the rapid growth days of the company was over.

As per what was stated in the report, the steak of Berkshire Hathaway kinds of acknowledges the direction in which the company is heading to under Tim Cook, the company’s CEO who took the reins of the company. He has been putting in a lot of efforts to ensure that the company transforms from a fast growing one to a company that is immune to the law of large numbers while also being one that is profitable and has a consistency to its shareholders with buybacks and dividends.

Shareholders of the company now finally have a reason to smile with the recent news. Buffet’s main focal point was about investments in a long term basis unlike Mr. Icahn who was a corporate raider that was stereotypical, demanding changes, rabble rousing, buybacks and dividends and then selling out what he had. Time will tell if the company is just a glue chip investment that is boring or if it is one that has a potential urge to grow.

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