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Marco Arment’s New App Quitter for IOS Users

The well‐known app Marco Arment is known for working at Tumblr. They also createdInstapaper and Overcast. The have dabbled their name in a lot of different areas. There is one area which Arment could not touch and that is Mac. Arment is working upon releasing their new app for IOS by the name “Quitter”. It is an auto quitting app which helps to quit the app after the set period of time. Quitter is a utility app which allows creating app rules for the apps. For Example: if Tweetbot is taking too much of time, the user may add a rule to either quit or hide the app.


If the time is not identified by default then 10 minutes will be added by default. The users can change the value of the time any time they want. The 10 minutes only gets added when the user don’t add any value to it. The users may simply add the exception of hiding the app rather than quitting the app if required. It is certainly not the first kind of app which allows closing the distractions temporarily. This app will certainly help the users to boost the performance of the phone and close all the apps which is eating too much of battery in the device. All the iPhone users are anyways frustrated about the poor battery life and continuous draining battery.


Hopefully this should put an end to all the distractions and should hopefully help them in extending the battery life of the iPhone. The developers of the app are trying to add more features of the Quitter app for making it more productive. What do you think, is the app literally worth downloading? Do you think the app is going to sort the commonly uncommon battery drainage issues? Please share your views.

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