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Google Joins Hands With Other Tech Giants for Self Driven Cars

After companies like Uber, Volvo and Lyft now Google has finally joined the row of self‐driven cars. Google has been advocating the benefits of self‐driven cars from a very long time. They have been trying to make people adopt delft driven cars in the daily usage of their life. Google is one of the companies who have been consistently been working upon the mechanism behind self‐driven cars. The goal of all these companies is to derive the societal benefits from these models. Today the major concern is the rising toll of the deaths due to the accidents on the roads.

Google Joins Hands With Other Tech Giants for Self Driven Cars

These companies are working towards creating a safe house for people today. They are working on creating an environment where people gets lesser killed in road accidents. David Strickland who is the administrator of U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration will be heading the new entity.

Driving cars on the road has never been safe, it is altogether a huge risk for both of them (Car as well as driver). These tech companies are trying to automate the process. They developing some algorithms which will be guiding car on own and will simplify the lives of the people. Self‐ driven cars will be allowing people to accompany them and easily get transported from node A to node B. The project has been in pilot mode from long and all the major tech companies have been able to develop a working model on this. They have tested their cars in all condition and find it well suited for all scenarios. Think about the possibilities which will happen once these cars are on road? Humans are impatient and prone to error, however these cars are not. They will easily direct the situation according to their data intelligence and drive by ensuring safety at the same time for both parties.

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