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iOS9.3.1 Had A Nasty Surprise As Admitted By Apple However New Fix Also Has Been Released

Recently it was reported that the iOS 9.3.1 had a frustrating flaw in it which was a nasty surprise. Well the good part is that not only was the problem fronted by the company; however Apple is also planning to find a way to get it fixed. In Short, iPad and iPhone users will soon be able to use the Night Shift even if they are in the Low Power Mode.

iOS9.3.1 Had A Nasty Surprise As Admitted By Apple However New Fix Also Has Been Released

The combination is considered to be really logical especially since the Night Shift has been developed so that it could be used at night when the battery of the device would run low. It was dropped while it was being tested in iOS9.3 as with the help of voice commands, a work around was found by the users using the help of Siri. While one loophole had been closed by the company, there was another loophole that was found in the iOS 9.3.1.

Users were frustrated with the cat and mouse game that was being played by the company.Well a rethink has been done by the company which resulted in the release of the 2nd beta by the company. In a matter of 7 months, this would be the 9the release of iOS9 and with the Low Power Modes and Night shift which are completely compatible. It does not require any loopholes, tweaks or hacks. Both the features could run seamlessly side by side after they are fired up.

While the outcome was logical we could praise Apple for taking care of the customers’ demands however not all the shortcomings can be fixed of the Night Shift as it still is unavailable for iPads and iPhones of the older versions though this is a step that is firm which heads in the correct direction. The name iOS 9.3.2 even drops the additional bugs that were existing in the iOS9.3.1 which had not been recognized by the company earlier.

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