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Google Developing iOS Compatible Keyboards

In the recent report that was released by The Verge, it has been stated that Google has been developing its own version of a third party iOS keyboard for a long time now. Though the exact release date is yet to be known, however there were various notes about the fact that the employees of Google are testing the keyboards while the implementation of various features is also being worked upon.

Google Developing iOS Compatible Keyboards

The keyboard that is being developed by Google is said to be a gesture based keyboard which is very similar to Swipe and SwiftKey which are the keyboards that are presently available and compatible with iOS devices. It is also believed that the keyboard will also have the word prediction feature which is very similar to the inbuilt feature that is present in the iOS keyboards, WE all know that Google is a company that is known for the best search engine facility, so it is not a surprise that it has the ability to perform quickly on the various queries. The keyboards that are being developed by the company is said to also have a an inbuilt image and GIF search feature with the ability of a quick search thanks to its Google image search option that will be present in the iOS keyboard. This is a feature that the Android version of the Google Keyboard lacks.

The motive behind the company releasing such a keyboard is very obvious and clear, by doing this move, it goes without saying that with the help of this move the keyboard’s built in search can be performed easily. This will also help the company in a lot of ways as the basic foundation of the company on its own is based on providing the search engine benefits and also various other features that come along with it.

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