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Sphero Debuts Wearable ‘Force Band’ For Controlling BB-8 Android

The company Sphero made huge profits this holiday season as its Star Wars Force Awakens robotic droid BB-8 was selling like hot cakes. Looks like Sphero is trying to maintain the momentum by the release of its new product named – Force Band. The Force Band will let the BB-8 be controlled through gestures. The Force Band is in form of a wristband.

The Force Band will be available for purchase in the later part of 2016. The droid is controlled by the band’s elevation and direction. It has advanced hand gesture recognition, with elaborate gestures meaning different modes of the BB-8.
The Force Band will make it the first product that is not smartphone dependent for working of a Sphero toy.
The price of the product has not been announced yet, but it shall be available in the Fall of 2016.
Sphero also announced a different version of the BB-8, the battle worn version.

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