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Shocking Video! TV Show Mocks Apple, Criticizes Recent Products

TV Shows often criticizes the decisions made by Apple; it is something very normal for them. Design book recently came out now and every creative aspect of the job was done in California. The sale has begun, it starts from $199. Designers are in love with these magnificent things, it has some true inspiring designs. Selected countries got this; Apple is not sure about worldwide access. Stephen Colbert saw the funny part of all this and started making some hilarious jokes.

Television has some big stars who host shows late at night, Colbert is really famous. Everything is false here from the words to the executives. There was no need for this, books are already there. Simple images are used to fill pages, nothing is exceptional. They were arrogant enough to charge $300 for it, this is unexplainable. The recent Apple parodies are hilarious, they touch the right cords. Actually Apple made some ridiculous decisions recently, comedians can’t be blamed. Swiping is pretty easy; the fingers can be used for this. Normal actions are described in a great way, Apple was humiliated. Pages are always sequential, they even pointed that out. There were no special features to brag about; they said the same things time and again.

The female executive had a special tone in which she described everything, the strength was also mentioned. A normal spider was killed and they praised the technology for that. Apple always felt special about them, this special treatment increased the product cost. This special archive is a gift for Apple fans, they will preserve it. Apple’s journey was perfectly shown here, it started in 1998. Each page represented a year and the time just passed away. A total of 450 images were printed, 300 pages were used. The ink is special, normal books never use it. It has no jacks, books can be wireless too.

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