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IFTTT Recipes Can Be Created by Developers for Their Third Party Apps

Known as one of the most popular tools, a user can use the IFTTT tool for automate various kinds of task with the creation of the rule called if this than. This rile is else known as an IFTTT recipe. It was recently announced that developers would be allowed to embed IFTTT recipes into the third party app of their own.

IFTTT Recipes Can Be Created by Developers for Their Third Party Apps

This means that now developers can use the recipes that pre exist instead of going ahead and writing new ones of their own. Developers will have the capability of using them, however at the launch; there is only a handful that IFTTT has partnered with. The names in the list include Stack Lighting, Adobe which a security start-up, Roger the messenger service, LIFX the smart bulb company, Blooksky which is a provider for weather info, Skybell video doorbell, Aware the air quality tracker, Garageio, Foobot the population monitor, Qapital and Ring

For example, Footboot which is a company that develops apps for pollution tracking has developed a recipe which allows users to turn on the WeMo Switch at the time there is poor air quality. Similarly there is another one where in Hue lights are flashed at the time there is a poor air quality and the Honeywell Thermostat of the user switches on automatically. This seems to be perfect and makes sense as the process would be simplified with the use of the recipes.

With developers having the ability of coming up with recipes of their own, it is sad that even further the process has been simplified a lot more. This is because now users would not have to take multitude steps like earlier to automate a process. Instead with the simple process, the popularity of the IFTTT may just turn out to be more than what it is.

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