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Fight Between Snapchat and Twitter Now Reaches with the Launch of Moments for Everybody

It seems to be that with the help of Moments, the flight is being taken by Twitter in its fight with Instagram and Snapchat. The feature initially is said to be available to brands, partners and influencers, however very soon, it is said that even the users of Twitter will be able to put their hands on it. The battle between Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter seems to be in full swing, this open battle is now being reflected with the help of the features that are being introduced by each of them every now and then.

Fight Between Snapchat and Twitter Now Reaches with the Launch of Moments for Everybody

Presently only selected partners have the ability to get their hands on the new feature. The San Francisco and New York based curators teams are presently working on the editing part, however, it seems to be that the users of Twitter are still not attracted to the latest feature that is being offered by Twitter. This is the reason why finally now everyone has the benefit of accessing Moments as now the doors have been finally opened.

In the latest blog of the company, it was stated that in the coming months, everybody would be able to access Moments which includes the brands, partners and influencers. When more people have the benefit of using the creative format wherein they can go ahead and use the dynamic and new way to share what they have in mind. This feature is similar to the Stories that were introduced recently by Instagram. While you get the time to go ahead and use Moments, however with Stories, the changes that you make in Stories do not stay on for a long time. For those who want to use this new feature, you can do by going ahead and downloading the latest version of Twitter or even click on the directly link that is available online.

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