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Developers Now Have Access to the Beta of the MacOS 10.12 Sierra Through the App Store

For the public beta testers, the macOS 10.12 Sierra‘s latest beta is now available. Developers can go ahead and download the latest release from the App Store of the Mac and for those who are going ahead and testing the latest macOS Sierra; you will also find a promo code that is available which can be used while downloading it from the developer website of Apple.

Developers Now Have Access to the Beta of the MacOS 10.12 Sierra Through the App Store

Another point that markets the headlines was the support for Siri which will be featured in the MacOS Sierra. Along with this, there are various other enhancements that will come along, this includes for Apple Watch users, and the Auto Unlock feature gives them the benefit of logging in without having to type the password. Apart from that with the launch of Sierra, even Safari will have the Apple Pay feature even though on the beta version, the feature is yet to be launched.

If you are interested to know the various developments and updates when it came to the Sierra, here are a few updates which have been in the news the first being that at the WWDC, Apple had announced about the universal Clipboard, Auto Unlock and Apple Pay. Another announcement that was made was pertaining to the fact that in July the company plans to release the public beta while the developer beta had been related earlier, however the shipment for the macOS will only start in fall. You also have the video which shows you the hands on about the various features of the macOS Sierra.

For those who are interested in the further developments on this front, all you have to do is stay in touch with the latest changes and updates that will hit the headlines which will highlight all the happenings in the Beta 5 version of the 10.12 of the MacOS.

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