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Apple to Open Their World Trade Center Apple Store

It seems to be that finally the retail location of Apple which is one of the much awaited ones finally has an opening date. The latest location is said to be in the premises of the new World Trade Center. As per Apple, for their customers there is also something in store which is very special.

Apple to Open Their World Trade Center Apple Store

Earlier in the year, it was reported that the Apple Store that is located in the World Trade Center will be on the section of the lower level shopping part of the Oculus Transportation Hub. Since late 2013, the store has been the talk of headlines and it was just last year that we even got to see a few images of how the construction is being carried.

During the construction, it was said that the World Trade Centre‘s section of the Oculus Transportation Hub managed to go over the budget. It hit more than $3.9 billion just for this one particular part. After a lot of delays, the public finally had access to it this year on March 4th.

The images of the retail store is yet to be uploaded, however what we do know that the store’s address is said to be 185 Greenwich Street. We all know that off late Apple has been working on the expansion of their services and products on various fronts, while on one side, they plan to come up with more products and hit more countries, on the other hand, they are also working on coming up with more stores so that they can go ahead and provide better services to their customers and make it accessible for them. Apple Stores are known for the way they are planned and the beauty of the construction that takes place with the end result being something that is really beautiful

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