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Night Shift Mode’s Half Heartedness Explained by Craig Federighi

While coming up with the iOS9.3, the Night Shift mode had been introduced by Apple, this mode was said to be very helpful towards the evening in times, as the screen’s temperature color could adjust automatically by reducing the blue light. Even the third party app that was developed by Flux developer was to be made available even on the devices of the iOS platforms.

Night Shift Modes Half Heartedness Explained by Craig Federighi

A German customer had sent a mail to the SVP of Apple Craig Federighi who handles the software engineering side. In the email the suggestion that was given by the customer stated that in comparison to the Flux. The Night Shift mode’s light was a lot bluer. reported that the customer did get a reply back from the company which stated that there was a good reason behind that.

He received the explanation which stated that, pertaining to the technology used for the display, it is only pushed as much as the company can. This is because when animating or scrolling, they do not want to push it so far that they would have to introduce major artifacts which are red ghosting.

He was also informed that the red phosphors which are present in the LCD tend to hold on longer to the color. If the display is pushed so much, then the red color can take over as a result it will lead to ghosting artifacts which can be very irritating.

There is also a video walkthrough that is available for those who would like to know more about the feature, however, have not tried it out. This walkthrough will provide you with all the necessary inputs that you need for better understanding and even shows you everything step by step so that you can understand better. By this you can clearly state that Apple does pay attention to every small detail to ensure that their customer’s get the best.

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