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Faulty MacBook! These Complaints Can Hurt Apple, Cook Worried

MacBook Pro instantly captured people’s attention with the stylish touch bar, but that’s not all. Cook has talked at length about this magnificent device, but everything is not that perfect. People are not stopping the criticism; Apple is finding it very hard to survive this. Tim believes that MacBook pro will garner huge money; the same can’t be said now. The changes are really frustrating; it reduces the user’s ability. Apple always wants users to use devices in the way mentioned by them, this is the biggest problem. From the bizarre price to the lack of proper updates, the disappointment is huge.

Faulty MacBook! These Complaints Can Hurt Apple, Cook Worried

Apple’s new era features dropping important features, they can completely lose the battle for this. This must stop now; Apple’s brand is already bruised. The SuperDrive went away, Firewire ports are not available, audio ports are missing; it is just too complicated. They have a loyal crowd and these individuals grow the hype. Thoughtful users have already started to boycott them. Technology has gone ahead; apple’s core innovation team is toothless. They cover up things with glossy taglines and needless products, they never helped users. Jobs always wanted to solve problems, this Apple is entirely different.

USB-C was not welcomed, Magsafe was much better. Charging is not only troublesome, but it is slow. The charging facility is not entirely wrong though; there are more ports in this. This feature is good, but it never made any difference. MagSafe tackles accidental tension in a better way, traditional connectors were fragile. The basic plan was given by Steve in 2006, they are implementing it now. The styling is ordinary; the brick style is not attractive at all. They basically planned to sell more adapters; this core reason was integrated with the theme. MacBook still has no connection with Siri, which is disappointing. The connection with people is going way, this is a bad sign.

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