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Major Flaw Found in WhatsApp & iCloud

The developers of the WhatsApp app have adopted the end to end encryption. The security protocol was adopted after the encryption on Apple’s iMessage however the researchers claims that there are several security flaws in both. The bug in the both the apps can easily allow the users to recover the deleted message on the device. The messages can be either recovered from the iCloud or remotely.

Major Flaw Found in WhatsApp & iCloud

The bug in the WhatsApp was found by Jonathan Zdziarski. The latest WhatsAp version is leaving the message traces in your device. Even if the message is cleared, deleted or even cleared all the messages still it can be easily traced back. The only way to protect the app from tracing the message is to completely wipe off WhatsApp from your device.

Jonathan says that the data packets will be left no matter what technique is applied. Is it clearing the messages, archiving the messages or completely deleting the threads? The major flaw is there is the iMessage. The trace of the messages is very easy via SQLite. By default SQLite does not delete the records of the messages. The deleted messages from the devices are  added to the free list of the database. These messages in the free list will not be overwritten until the database is not in need on extra storage and The similar problem also exists with the iMessages. The sms.db file is created in the backup of the iCloud.

There are copies of the similar file also existing on the iPad as well as the Desktop. In fact file the backup files remains everywhere you receive messages from iMessage. The risk for an average user using the Whatsapp is practically null. Accessing the messages from the database either requires the complete access for your device or the complete access to the backup of your iCloud.

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