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Bitter War! Instagram Plans To End Snapchat’s Domination, Apple Steps In

Snapchat refused to partner with Facebook; they are feeling the heat now. In August, Zuckerberg’s team delivered the first major blow. Stories got a positive response and Mark wanted to build on that success. Intellectual property is priceless, Zuckerberg always talked about protecting it. Meanwhile, Instagram keeps on copying features to lure Snapchat users.

The app will lose the battle very fast and Facebook wants that day to come fast. The changes are bizarre; Instagram is not spending a moment on innovation. “Stories” are used for marketing now; people can get customers by publishing powerful stories. This makes Instagram’s Explore tab very important, this place contains magnificent stories.

“Messenger Day” lacks innovation, Snapchat is becoming terribly angry. Some users have already used this, Facebook is storing their reactions. Facebook also changed their photo uploading features, videos and slideshows can also be created easily. They want users to be more creative, boring content can’t increase the appeal of a brand. Marketers will also keep this mind and think creatively before posting images. They want their company to stand out; it needs a significant effort now. Meanwhile, Snapchat is planning to take this matter to the court. They have every reason to be angry, but a legal battle with Facebook will be destructive for them.

Timeline spamming is a major problem, some people post too much. Instagram will free up their server space by clearing these photos, users don’t have to worry about inappropriate images. The special moments will now become even more significant, they can be immortalized with the help of Stories. ‘Messenger Day’ touched Australia and Instagram now wants people to share more. This will give them a variety of data to attract investors. Snapchat has nothing special now, they have started to worry. Instagram’s app changed many times in 2016, this trend will continue as social media becomes bigger.

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