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Leaks Suggests Dual Camera For iPhone 7

The latest version of the Apple iPhone 7 is all set to be launched in the month of September. The leaks for the iPhone continue to float in the market. Though nothing has been confirmed as such by anyone from the company however a lot of speculations has already been heard.

Leaks Suggests Dual Camera For iPhone 7

There was a lot of confusion around the camera upgrade for the iPhone however now it looks that both the version of the iPhone 7 that is the 4.7 inch screen size iPhone 7 and 5.5 inch screen size iPhone 7 plus will be getting the dual camera upgrade in their devices. According to the latest Weibo leaks,, it is rumored that iPhone 7 will be carrying dual camera lenses of 12 megapixels. The new camera are 25 percent larger comparatively.

A 30 seconds video has also been launched where the comparison of the iPhone 6 is done with iPhone 7 Rose Gold color. The video showcases the dummy model of the iPhone 7. It is confirmed that Apple will be dropping their 3.5 headphone jack. The phone will be coming with a lightning connector and is expected to be completely dust and waterproof. The specifications of the iPhone 7 are still unknown. The rumors in the market are only being assumed by people.

It may be possible that Apple will keep the same amount of pixels for the camera of the iPhone 7 however they may certainly raise the bar of picture quality and lenses. iPhone 7 is much expected to perform way better under the low light situation. The uglier antennas are also removed in the iPhone 7 this time. The major redesign on the device can be observed in the sleekness. iPhone 7 is also expected to be at least 20 percent more slimmer than the iPhone 6 model.

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