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Apple Adds another Patent for Macbook

The idea of creating MacBook with inbuilt cellular technology is getting tossed by Apple since 2007. Way back during the time of the Steve Jobs, he disclosed that Apple thought about the idea however latest decided to walk away from it. The company is still continuing to file the patent for the idea and the latest idea filed last year for the similar pattern has been given a grant today.

Apple Adds another Patent for Macbook

The patent filed by the Apple describes how MacBook shall be using the gap between the lid and the MacBook for putting up an isolated Cavity Antennas. Apple will be covering all the bases by throwing everything from the NFC ports as being used by the Apple Watch & iPhone for the GPS signals.

The patent also describes that how the gap between the lower and the upper sections of the device can be used for putting the speakers into the machine. The upper and the lower housing will be separated by the slot-shaped opening. A printed circuit with flexible prints will be bisecting the slot opening for forming the first and the second slot spaces. May be the cavity antenna gets placed between the hollow carrier along with the speakers pair.

Jobs felt that the addition of the cellular option shall complicate the MacBook range. There will be another level of complications included with them as well that is the carrier range for each and every MacBook sold in the market. The idea was altogether was not a feasible option on its own. Apple additionally thought about launching their own SIM to eliminate the issue and in fact also reached different network providers however the idea could never be materialized. The idea is on hold for the time being from Apple and no comments has been marked as such for launching them in the market any time sooner.

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