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Drones to Sooner Help AT&T Monitor Network Issues

The very popular network partner for the Apple that is AT&T is going to use drones for improving the LTE connection of your iPhone device. The drones being controlled by the iPhone have lately become very popular in the market. AT&T is trying to imagine a future where the drones will be taking over the space and helping the companies to improve their LTE signals.

Drones to Sooner Help AT&T Monitor Network Issues

The company is also trying to figure out on how the drones will be reaching the locations which are not easy to reach under the normal locations or the tower signal are not possible to reach. Imagine a situation where you are watching and enjoying the concert of your favorite band on your television on a lazy weekend and suddenly you experience a hovering drone from the corner of your eye however this drone is neither taking videos nor taking any photographs. What is this drone doing then? Well it is enhancing the wireless coverage for the LTE connections of the network providers. It is boosting the network for the service providers to help the people enjoy uninterrupted bandwidth of network across all the corners of the globe.

AT&T says that they entered the trial phase for their drone program and is sooner going to deploy their drones in their air for helping the network connections. The company wants the consumers to experience a seamless network experience.

In the first phase of the drone program, the drones in the air will be only performing the aerial inspections of the cell towers. There is a demo for the same in San Francisco on Friday and Saturday for the same. The usage of the drones for the inspections of the cell towers will also reduce the risks on the safety of the staff. Art Pregler from AT&T carries a wide experience of United States Air Force will be leading the drone program of the AT&T.

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