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Apple Finally Wins Against Samsung! iPhone 7 Much Reliable, Users Say

Samsung has handled many failures before, but this one was unimaginable. They have trolled Apple for years; they thought Note 7 will finally stop this debate. The company decided on the perfect size and packed in superior features in their tablet phone. The marketing campaign was just firing up, when the explosions began.

Apple Finally Wins Against Samsung! iPhone 7 Much Reliable, Users Say

Samsung didn’t have the expertise to tackle this, their loopholes were exposed. Their competitor launched their phone in that time, the timing was all wrong. The government wanted Samsung to stop making them, people gave up their models. Samsung gave away $1 billion, the amount is huge.

Battery defects are common, but Samsung’s problem was terrible. Apple’s device never encountered this issue, they functioned perfectly. Apple haters started spreading a viral post that Apple phones were equally faulty, but that is just wrong. Samsung will pay for their mistakes, things are getting destroyed here. People are scared for their lives; they just might lose their lives. The design was done by Samsung, but third party companies handled the production. The battery manufacturer will give them the money, Samsung will not bear everything. Not all phones are damaged, but some of them are. The fear has got inside the people, they will not listen now.

Apple uses many tests to determine the quality of these products, they can’t go wrong. They care about their reputation; no one else will do it for them. Apple never keeps things in the dark, the minor issues are also important for them. Their jet black model gets scratched easily, the warning was issued earlier. Samsung brings forward a fragmented lineup, Apple has only one line. Their problem is also more complicated, they have to inspect each and every line. Apple will enjoy the condition for now, they have no worries whatsoever. Samsung never paid attention to details; this mistake could have been prevented.

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