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Good Enough? Surfer Tests iPhone 7, Finds Shocking Results

Water is not something that stopped Apple, they always overcame this barrier. They never stressed the issue with iPhone 7; the watch got special mention though. Though the phone has this feature; Apple never boasted it. Something is definitely not up to the mark, Apple is hiding details. If water touches the surface, nothing will happen. Cyclists can take it for a ride and the performance will not be affected. But people are usually not happy with small things, they try out extreme tests. This resulted in a very innovative video, Apple enthusiasts will be eager to watch it. The entire phone was immersed in soda, coffee was used too.

Good Enough? Surfer Tests iPhone 7, Finds Shocking Results

Apple’s ambitious phone was dropped from a height and it went 35 feet under the liquid surface, iPhone still won the battle. This is different from the durability tests, iPhone 7 easily topped that. Kai Lenny’s video got a massive 42,339 hits, he included some special stuff. In Northern California, the water is rough; the surfer began the journey with his iPhone 7. The way he attached the camera to the surfboard was extremely cool, it showed his professionalism. The test continued for ten minutes and iPhone 6s went down. The phone was not that water‐resistant, Apple became tensed. The waves apply physical pressure to the phone; the chips are damaged in this way.

Tim Cook smiled as he took the iPhone 7; it was capable of withstanding dangerous situations. A movie was playing in his device; the water didn’t affect the software or hardware. His grin proved how impressed he was. It was completely under the water surface; iPhone really has some powerful punches. Devices don’t go through such things, users can relax now. Users

couldn’t spot one difference in this phone, simply sensational. This can’t be tested on all models though, Apple never recommends that.

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