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The Siri Bot Platform is not Really Completely Open

This year, the announcement made by every top tech company pertaining to the various interests revolves around how interaction with computers can be done. The Bot Framework had been announced by Microsoft, while for developers, the Messenger’s doors were opened by Facebook. Even Google’s Allo had been announcement while Alexa’s expansion is something what Amazon’s been working on. The only one giant that was not in the picture was Apple.

The Siri Bot Platform is not Really Completely Open

However, during the WWDC conference that was held this year, the company made the announcement finally in regards to the entry that is being made into the interface space which in conversational. It was done in a perplexing manner wherein both the Messages and Siri announcements that were made provided all the necessary hints that was needed in regards to the open integration. That was something which was said to be not comprehensive enough even though it was done in an unexpected manner.

The considerations for user experience limitation was not the primary reason, the justifications was the usual one that was given in regards to similar restrictions. However there are strategic threats that are being faced by Apple which is preventing them from embracing fully instead.

The announcements that was revolving around Apple’s Siri was said to be stunningly predictable, disappointing and exciting. Now, for the integration with Siri, a way is finally been seen for developers. For years now, this was one request that was being made by third party developers. Although details matter, however it is said to be exciting considering that via Siri, there are a few innovative services which are said to be potential.

The integration of Siri‘s nature is said to be underwhelming. The SiriKit of Apple is said to be tools which can be said for Siri integration and is restricted to use cases which are said to be specific.

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