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Few Things that You Need to Keep in Mind If You Want to Downgrade From the iOS10

Presently the iOS 10 is something that a lot of developers are enjoying, however, the news about the release of the 9.3.2 jailbreak is something which may get you to consider when you want to downgrade. Downgrading the iOS 9 from the iOS 10 can be due to various reasons. And if you are considering, then there are 2 ways that it can be done. The first one is the method of clean restore.

Few Things that You Need to Keep in Mind If You Want to Downgrade From the iOS10

This means that your entire device is wiped out and you will have to start from scratch and the other way is a method through which the settings and data can be retained as much as possible with the update method.

Each method has its own disadvantages and advantages, however, if any of the two options would be recommended, then defiantly, it would be the method of clean and restore. With the help of this method, all the personal settings and data will be purged however the one thing that you can be sure of is that once you have restored it, then it will work.

While some of the data can be retained with the update method, however the app history of Phone or Message will not be retained. There will also be problems with a few apps where it may crash; one such app would be the Music app.

Td data can be restored back easily thanks it the iCloud presence, this is regardless of the method that you choose, however the call and message history will mostly be lost. Another challenge that you may also face is in regards to the fact that if the iCloud has been used for backup purposes after the iOS10 was installed, then there is also a possibility that restoring that particular data after you have gone down to the iOS 9.3.2 would not be possible.

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