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The iOS10 Offers the Voice Transcription Service

For the beta users of the iOS10, it seems to be that the new voicemail transcript is slowly being rolled out by Apple. A lot of users would have even found that the feature in a matter of a few minutes may have found the feature just popping up. Just like the way it sounds, text messages are displayed of the voicemails which have the audio being processed inside the in‐built app of the phone.

The iOS10 Offers the Voice Transcription Service

There are no switches and settings that are needed to turn on the transcription of the voicemail. However, the use of the voicemail would be necessary; this is provided by most carriers. If a person wants to have a look at the message that has been transcribed, all you have to do is access the voicemail of the individual which is present with the phone app under the tab called Voicemail. The beta header of the transcription would be displayed along with the transcription mentioned underneath.

In a few cases, there will also be a transcription beta that will be tagged along with the messages that have been transcribed. This would happen during the time there is any kind of challenge that is being faced during the transcription. There is a useful link that is provided if users feel that the transcription was helpful for them, however, in case the transcription that was provided was not legible, and then there is a not useful link option that is available which can be tapped by the user.

In order for the accuracy to be improved, the voicemail can be sent to Apple to help improve the accuracy of the transcription. Through a pop up, a warning is given to the user that the recordings should not be submitted to the company in case they feel that their messages would not be needed by the company as per the conversation they have with the speaker.

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