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For Apple Repairs, This is a Bad Month as Tekserve Decides to Shut Down and the Videos of Louis Rossmann will Also Disappear

A follow‐up video was posted by Louis Rossmann wherein he stated that Apple’s acting IP lawyers had contacted him; however a lawsuit is something that is currently not being faced. In regards to the schematic there is an issue that is there, however the channel was still liked by Apple.

In New York City, for the repairs of Apple product, the third party store Tekserve has made it official that after 29 years, they plan to shut down. It is said that by August 15 the retail store is said to go off while by the end of the month the service center would be closed.

For New York City, this was said to be the Apple store even before the actual stores of the company game up. This was a store even before the iPhones and iPads or iPods had come out. It was also a store that started servicing and selling the devices out of a cube made from Glass and was located on 5th Ave. This was not just a store where customers would go to get their computers fixed, however they also went there to get their Powerbook laptops upgraded.

If those who have seen the photo feels that it is something that they have seen before, well the reason behind that is because this was the same place where Carrie’s Mac had crashed which was even featured in one of the episodes of Sex and the City.

Considering the fact that the business was facing a lot of competition due to the fact that that companies like Best buy and various other online sites along with the official 6 stores Apple had become tough competitors due to which the business had a tough time when it came to the business. Jerry Gepner, the CEO of the business stated that as much as they love their customers as well as what they do, however when the point comes which doesn’t seem sense, then this is the best move.

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