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5 Hidden Features in the iOS10 which are Game Changers Instantly

There are a lot of features which will come with the iOS10, however, things will be a lot easier now thanks to the small changes that are being made. As of now, only developers have access to the iOS’s latest version; however the excitement has already been created due to various reasons that have been found in regards to the iOS10.

5 Hidden Features in the iOS10 which are Game Changers Instantly

It is said to be very impressive is the iOS 10 has features which are said to be big. Some of them include the facial recognition ability that has been introduced to the Photos app. Another thing that can be noticed is the emoji overload that can be seen in the Messages app and a Lyft can be hailed for you by Siri.

However, it is not just the major makeovers which are creating the excitement for iOS10. The mobile OS of Apple which is upcoming is said to also have various kinds of hidden and small surprises that is being offered. Some of these features include

1. Find my car option in Maps

The sensors of your iPhone can be tapped through the iOS10 Siri so that you can get to know where you last stopped your car. The location will be automatically pinned by Siri so that you are guided directly to it.

2. Changing the intensity of the flashlight through the Control Center

The flash light intensity can also be changed so that you are not blinded by the high light. There are multiple options of the light density to suit your eyes.

3. Music keeps on Playing even during the user of the Camera

You have the ability to now take photos through the camera while having your music being played at the background.

4. Easily unsubscribe through the Mail app

The unsubscribe option is not automatic, this means that the link will appear on top for easy access.

5. Storage is optimized through Music

Your storage options can now be optimized by removing the songs that have not been heard for a long time. This is done automatically through the iOS10.

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