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Google Working Towards Their Own Phones which is Said to Be Released by the Year End

By the end of the year, it is said that Google has plans of launching their own smartphone. This is the efforts that are being taken by the company so that they can directly compete with the devices of Samsung and Apple as per information given by The Telegraph.

Google Working Towards Their Own Phones which is Said to Be Released by the Year End

The senior sources who cited about the matter since they were familiar with it as per a report had claimed that the handset of the Google brand is going to be unveiled as a separate flagship from the smartphone’s of the Nexus range. These phones are said to be manufactured and designed through the partnership with likes of HTC and LG. It is also believed that by the end of the year, not only does the company plan to go ahead and release the phone, however are also in talks with various mobile operators.

If this news is said to be true, that can indicate that the shift is said to be significant pertaining to the company’s ambition in regards to mobile harm. We all know that the company’s main focus which is said to be a historic one has been in software development of the Android OS.

The designs of the handset were left to various hardware manufacturers. It is stated, that now with the handset division also coming internally with Google, it can help them to take control completely on the software, design and the manufacturing of the handsets. This is what had been reported by a Newspaper recently. The sources however did not offer any other information on this front and even on the story, there was no official comment made by Google.

Sundar Pichai the CEO of Google last month stated the company has been putting in more efforts towards the production of their phones. This could also mean that the company is planning to work with the device makers of Nexus more closely.

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