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During the Launch of iOS 10, the Use of Differential Privacy Will Be Limited by Apple

With the launch of the mac OS Sierra iOS10, Apple is working on ensuring that the various services which come along with the two are smarter. This is being done by using the differential privacy, with the use of this method it helps in enabling a smarter artificial intelligence and still maintaining a balanced privacy. In terms of user privacy protection, we all know that the position that Apple holds is very strong.

During the Launch of iOS 10, the Use of Differential Privacy Will Be Limited by Apple

More details were requested by Recode to understand the various uses and working methodology that the company has planned in regards to differential privacy. So far the company had has tried to avoid the data of users which could help make services like iCloud and Siri as well as other smarter.

In order to help in the improvement of the artificial intelligence services, differential privacy is used for data collection. As per the reports that have been released, prior to macOS Sierra and iOS 10, this method was not used by the company. It has been reiterated by Apple that in terms of user data which is stored in iCloud or any such data is not being used by the company for the improvement of the artificial intelligence pertaining to the subject of photo recognition.

On each device like the iPad, iPhone and Mac, there is separate indexing of photos that happen and the facial/object recognition data is not synced. This was the example that Craig Federighi had used earlier in regards to the fact that without the use of the photos of customs, even a mountain can be recognized by the company. It was also shared by Recode that at the launch, the scope of using differential privacy by the company is said to be limited. These efforts have also been detailed by the company in the official iOS 10 press releases that can be seen online.

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