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A Whole French TV Episode Get Shot On Apple iPhone

One of the episodes of a very well‐known and popular French TV show On n’est pas Couché  which popularly means We are not Asleep has been shot on the iPhone. This is for the first time when any of such instances has happened. A lot of viewers share their experience with iPhone by recording their small videos of their family, friends, pets and children and however a whole episode is a vast step from the production team’s itself. Apple is itself excited to watch this video after being telecasted on channel

The video is available on the YouTube on how the recording was made and done. The production team went shooting their iPhones when the electricity went down for them. The pure incident of getting the video shot on the iPhone was reported by Pure Médias. They told that the power was not available for more than 3 hours and shooting the episode was much required. The set up with the lightning and cameras were already installed however they were worthless without the electricity. In emergency the decision was made to shoot the whole episode on the iPhone cameras. The emergency lights were also called by the production team to fulfill the backlight requirement.

No such attempt has been ever done by any production house before. A number of small commercials has been shot on the iPhone however a full length episode has never been done before in the any country. Apple keeps on sharing small videos on their page where they share the user experiences of amateurs shooting noob videos on their devices. It is indeed a moment of pride for the Apple developers. No such company has ever been able to justify their device cameras with such kind of professional usage. It is solely Apple who experienced such great honor.

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