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Coke Rewards for Apple Pay Consumers

Apple rebranded their wallet of the passbook app last year. Apple has also added the facility of the loyalty cards for their consumers. Coca‐Cola has also started accepting the payments from the Debit Cards, Credit cards and Apple Pay at their vending machines installed across the streets.

Coke Rewards for Apple Pay Consumers

Now the loyalty cards for the MyCokeRewards can be easily added to the Apple pay ad users get a free coke in return. The loyalty cards help the user to gain loyalty points accumulated from the purchase of the coke. With every purchase of the coke from the vending machines, the user get 3 points free and with the total of the 30 points in the wallet the user will get a free coke to drink. In short with purchase of the 10 Cokes, the 11th one will be free of cost. The free points on the addition of the loyalty card can be gained from an iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, and as supported devices.

The iPhone users can securely transfer the payment at the vending machines of the Coke using the NFC service in their device. The right information is picked once the user waves his/her phone near the machine reader and the payment is done securely. Apple pay service is backed with debit or the credit card which allows the users to make the payments directly from their account. Currently Apple Pay is backed with some of the most well‐known banks in the world.

Apple is expanding their services across the world to help the people gain the maximum benefits of their service. After successfully setting up their service in UK, USA, Singapore, etc., Apple plans to grow further in Asian countries now. The free loyalty awards of the Coke can also be used for the non‐soda products like Powerade, Dasani water, etc.

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