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Some of the 75 Features that is Present in the Upcoming iOS10

The update for the high anticipated software for iPad and iPhone was finally unveiled by Apple. As expected, this release was said to be huge with various, exciting and new features. Recently, there were around 75 changes and features which were found on the upcoming version of the iOS10.

Some of the 75 Features that is Present in the Upcoming iOS10

While some of them were very surprising, there were some which had changes that were obvious. An itemized list of the various features and changes would include

· New wallpaper for the iOS10

· A new animation and look t the folders. · Bolder typeface

· Under the Display and Brightness section present in settings, you have the Raise to Wake option.

· Stock apps can be removed

· Ads in Apple Store.

· In the status bar, there is a button that is called back to app which is new and smaller.

· In Settings, the place for Siri is more prominent.

· There is a Desktop folder for iCloud drive

· Notes that are shared can be collaborated. · Faster connectivity to Facetime

· The Face Gallery for Watch App

· In the Settings, there are separate sections for Calendars, Contacts and Mail.

· The contact app has been redesigned.

· Through the settings of Safari, the Apple Pay can be set up

· The control center has been redesigned.

· The AirPlay screen is the name that has been selected instead of AirPlay Monitoring.

· There are separate AirPlay and media video/audio controls.

· The shortcut for the Control Center is though the 3D on the quick launch.

· On the Home Screen, the Notification Center will no longer have the Widgets and also there are New Widgets present which can be used with the 3D Touch. You can also add new widgets.

· There is a search history option in Spotlight.

· The interactive notifications have been enhanced.

· In Safari users can now have unlimited tabs.

· There is a new interface for media attachment.

Well while the list can still on, these features are something that can really make your experience a lot more fun.

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