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8 New Videos Added to the Shot on iPhone Campaign by Apple

The latest ads or Apple Music was unveiled starring DJ Khaled, now as a part of the ad campaign Shot on iPhone; a series of new videos has been uploaded. Recently for Mother’s day, the Shot on iPhone campaign was used by apple. However, for the campaign, this video release is said to the first one which is big. In February, the ad campaign had been rebooted by the company with images that were all new from the iPhone 6s.

The 8 latest videos which have been shared has a background track that is different as well as the length of the track is said to be 16 seconds. This also has the various features like Slow‐Mo that is included. At the end of each video there is a source that is credit along in the title as well. Last year, the photographers of Shot on iPhone campaign were surprised by Apple. The company came up with a book of the physical photos of the various ads that were part of the campaign. Ever since 2015, the ad series of the Shot on iPhone of Apple’s has been very successful. During the Cannes Grand Prix festival, it managed to bag a top prize last year. In the campaign, there was a photo that had been featured which won the Cannes Lions award.

In the past year, the Shot on iPhone campaign reach has been expanded by Apple. The iPhone photography had been showcasing on billboards which were hung on skyscrapers. The videos of shot on iPhone can be viewed online. You will not only get to see the video however you will also get to know who has shot it. The different backgrounds and concepts are not just breathtaking; however they are also beautiful and have their own identity that speaks out volumes.

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