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Similar Real Life Performance Even Though Notable Difference Seen Between iPad Pro Models

The one thing that Anandtech does not do is rushing into product reviews which are worth the wait due to their in‐depth nature. Recently, they posted an interesting reading about their review on the iPad Pro 9.7″, what really made the write‐up interesting was the performance section of the system. A series of benchmark tests for the iPad Pro was conducted by Brandon Chester.

Similar Real Life Performance Even Though Notable Difference Seen Between iPad Pro Models

It was compared to the iPad Air 2 which is its bigger brother as well as various other products of Apple as well as their competitor devices. Even though it was noted by him that the it can be expected that the 12.9″ model of 4GB may have a memory bandwidth that is twice as more in comparison to the 9.7″ 2GB model, however in practice, that is not the case. When it comes to the performance, the smaller model delivers it on the similar grounds when the browser test was conducted. The results of the benchmark tests that were seen of both were similar, when we talk about games, the frames per second that was seen while comparing the two appeared to have a performance that was significantly different between the two.

Chester also noted that a fewer pixels were driven by the smaller machines however the performance was real life like and was identical. Another thing that had been noticed in terms of the difference was pertaining to the storage factor. There is a near identical reading that can be found in the Sequential read performance. The write speed of the 9.7 model was said to have a significant lead. This was attributed by Chester when he had tested the model that had a higher capacity. What was also noticed by Chester was that when it came to competition, Apple was far ahead to ensure that no complaints came from the owners of both the models.

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