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MacBook Leather Case of Burkley Adds that Elegant Touch

For those who do not believe in hiding the gorgeous designs of Apple inside a case but want to maintain that exclusiveness when it comes to their MacBook Air 11″, then the BookBook case of TwelveSouth is something that can be considered. Presently it offers leather cases only for 11″ and 13″ MacBook Air and it also have a variation for the 12″ MacBook which is a no‐ snap on one.

MacBook Leather Case of Burkley Adds that Elegant Touch

The leather that is offered by Burkley is a mix up for each product like the Special Burned Tan Leather or the Antique Camel leather etc. IF you look at the Special Burned Tan Leather, then this is a standard tan color which is present in the center while the edges have a darker burned in shade. On its own, the case has a plastic hard‐shell with a leather coating. In order to ensure that each part is snapped into place fully, you would need to use your thumb, however once everything is in place, it is completely solid and can be a little fiddly at the time of removal but not that difficult.

If you want to use the MacBook all you can see is the plastic shell’s black surround which is thin however the leather can be seen from every angle. For the ports there are cutouts on both sides; however the left side of the case oddly has a hole that is cut out for the two microphone sockets. On the other side of the case, there is a USB Key that is low profile but sits in place happily. Not much bulk is added by the case to the MacBook, but it does look very elegant and stylish while also giving it a professional touch. All in All you can say that this is a case that can make a difference to your MacBook in every way possible.

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