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Fast X12 LTE Modem of Qualcomm is Said to Be an Ideal iPhone 7 Candidate

There have been various kinds of rumours that have been pointing out to the fact that there are plans of Apple making a switch to Intel as being their primary suppliers for their iPhone 7 series requirement of LTE modems. It is also believed that the Qualcomm which has been a supplier for Apple for a long time will also share part of the order.

Taking into consideration that from the orders that is needed by Apple, a percentage of it is given to Qualcomm which so far was the provider of LTE modems exclusive for the past 3 years for iPhones, the X12 model is mostly said to be the ideal candidate for the WI ‐FI and LTE requirements of the iPhone 7. The X12 chipset of Qualcomm would feature in the LTE under the 12th category theoretically with speeds for downloading that would touch around 600 MMPS while having an upload speed of around 130 MPS which is a category 3 LTE. Also included in the lineup is the MDM9x40 and MDM9x45 chipset which is said to be an advanced carrier for LTE, along with that you also have the WI‐FI switching, automatic LTE, LTE‐U small cells and 4x 4 MIMO.

It is said that the advanced LTE would enable the transfer of data across different frequencies so that data rates which are higher with lower latency would be across the network, this would also mean that the browsing speed of the web would be faster which also includes streaming of videos, downloading of apps and other such tasks that are data related. It is also believed that the appropriate successor for the MDM9635m of Qualcomm would be the MDM9x45 as it the download speed that is provided goes up to 300 MPS while it gives a 50MPS uplink speed.

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