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Apple iPhone 7 may Have Lightning Port Headphones

What is it like to have a lightning port in the iPhone device? Apple has been planning to remove their 3.5 mm jacks completely since 2014. They desperately feel that the 3.5 audio jack is an obsolete technology and it should be immediately replace with some other technology which is more relevant and relatively new. It is rumored that the upcoming iPhone 7 will be coming with lightning port audio jacks for the device. Earlier than Apple, there are many companies who had been making lightning port headphones. Let us take a look to find if they are really worth it? Is it the right decision for Apple to replace their standard audio jacks with the lightning port jack?

Let us quickly find out:

The first thing you will notice while looking at these headphones is their price. They are insanely costly and potentially do a lot of damage to your pocket. Lightning port headphones can only be connected with IOS device and while being connected to the phone for use, they cannot be charged simultaneously. There is no such add on benefit with the replacement of the audio jack apart from the built in feature to control the sound quality. On comparing both the headphones under all the circumstances, the lightning port headphone were found to be better comparably however the cost involved in buying the device cannot be ignored too. Replacing the standard device with the lightning port device may raise the quality of the music on one hand however the replacement cost of the wires are towards a very higher side. It is not confirmed again if they are going to launch it or not. After reading few blogs, it has also been heard that Apple may finally drop the idea of USB – C and keep the port as simple.

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