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Apple’s 2015 Vs Apple’s 2016 Comparison Review

Apple has recently launched the second upgrade version of their Macintosh laptops 12 inch model. So what has actually changed within one year by the company? The company claims a lot of modest changes done making it a favorable choice for the consumers however is it really true? After the 12 inch Apple MacBook upgrade, Apple says that they have really worked hard on increasing the battery life of the battery life of the MacBook. By integrating the Skylake processor and graphics with a faster memory and storage the MacBook has boosted its performance as compared to the last year.

This means that Apple should be able to load the applications faster than before. The new MacBook has a marginal increase in the speed as compared to the last years MacBook undoubtedly. The latest MacBook is at least 14 percent faster than the last year model of the MacBook. There is something special for the photographers too in the MacBook. Now their edited photos can be easily transported in the light room.

Apple’s 2015 Vs Apple’s 2016 Comparison Review

The videographers can easily edit their videos now. Apple’s 12 inch pro is definitely a treat for the people. There have been some slightly good improvements in the device however for the people expecting way too much from the device will have to wait a little longer. Apple is continuously making changes in their devices. Apple’s Macintosh devices have lost their charm in the mind of the users. The only reason being company has not worked much on inducting some major breakthrough in their device. Apple’s devices are costly and people buying them or upgrading them from their old devices expected a lot out of it. Apple has finally pledged towards recreating the user experience by adding better upgrades and bug fixes in their software as well as hardware for the device.

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