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Latest Features Of The iTunes Version Have Been Revealed

Since the time the famous Eddy Cue had truly forecasted the various issues, bugs and the user interface issues of the iTunes software Apple has, the company has been working on the popular app to make it much better than it was. Since the time, i.e., February, the company officials did not reveal anything about the changes they were making on iTunes. On the other hand, MacRumors have actually got hold of some of the changes and revealed it to the world in their latest post. According to the reports, the updates don’t seem to be heavy duty as was expected.

Latest Features Of The iTunes Version Have Been Revealed

The new version, iTunes 12.4 does not have the ultimate makeover, as everyone hoped for. Instead, the changes have been minor and to the point. The main change that has been done is the iTunes sidebar. According to the reveal, the sidebar will have extra features which will allow the users to easily toggle between all the categories in which iTunes arrange its music in.

Another change will be the new added “music picker”, which will be placed just above the new side bar. This “music picker” will allow the users to easily toggle between the various services provided by iTunes. These services include the added contents on iTunes, Shows, TV, Movies and Music.

Although the newer version of iTunes will not be drastically different than the older iTunes version, but it will be a bit easier to use than its predecessor. The other changes in iTunes 12.4 will include basic changes in menus, making them much simpler than before. Even the mini player will see some design changes. The changes in the mini player are also quite minimal, but will make sure that the users can use it much easier than before.

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