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Microsoft Will Provide Free Windows 10 Updates Anymore

A few months back, Microsoft had announced that the company will no longer be providing its latest OS, Windows 10 for free. As the latest Windows OS completes one successful year, the company is switching its purchase price from $0 USD to $119 USD. Keeping its word, Microsoft finally made the license of its latest OS Windows 10 Home Edition, payable. On the other hand, Microsoft has not yet provided with the price list of any of its other Operating systems.

Microsoft Will Provide Free Windows 10 Updates Anymore

After the release of the previous Microsoft operating system, Windows 8, the company faced a lot of problems. The previous Windows 8 model was actually a disaster, which did tarnish the reputation of the company and its operating systems. There were a lot of customer complaints and the operating system had a number of fatal glitches. The next model, Windows 10 was actually a boon to anyone working on the Windows 8 operating system. They readily accepted the new operating system and found it quite easy and efficient to work with. Even new users were impressed with the whole lay out, user interface and the working of the new Windows OS.

After the disaster of the Windows 8, Windows 10 not only returned the company’s reputation, but also became one of the most loved operating systems. As a matter of fact, within a short period of time, Windows 10 had reached over 300 million personal computers worldwide. All in all, the Windows 10 turned out to be the god child for Microsoft, who at present is planning to nurture it and make it better. As per the reports, along with the inclusion of a price for the Windows 10 the company is also releasing new updates for this operating system. Though the whole matter is out in the open, no release date has been announced by the company.

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