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Apple Upgrades Apple Music for Android Users

Apple is diversifying finally. It is assumed that Apple and Google are rival companies however the recent step taken by Apple confirms that both the companies are willing to work with each other without creating much of havoc. In the recent upgrade for the Apple music app they have finally launched an update for Android users too. The steps are seen as a major giant step taken by the company towards their business commitment. After Apple users now the Android users can also buy the subscription for Apple music. It allows unlimited bandwidth of music day by day and month on month with their easy subscription plans. Apple sells the single plan for $9.99 however now the upgrade plan for six family members is available at $14.99.

Apple Upgrades Apple Music for Android Users

The Apple music app can also be used for unlimited video streaming. It is one of the best apps for finding the best of music as well as videos. The app shall allow people to create their own playlist or enjoy the popular playlists created by the people. Streaming of music is unlimited and free for all the paid subscribers. With the new versions of videos being added to the library, Apple is expecting to add more and more number of paid subscribers top their family. With the upgrade for the Android recently all the features available for the users on the Apple is also similarly available for Android users. Apple will be separately making all upgrades for Android platform from now onwards. They are interested in acquiring new consumers from the Android family too. Android captures the largest share of the market. They have more than 80 percent of the market and adding an update for Apple music for this platform adds more chances of grabbing business for them. Apple is currently working on expanding its music and video library for more viewership.

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