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European Commission Believes Google Is Violating Antitrust Laws

The European Commission on 20th April 2016 had officially announced that after the Android investigation that was a year long, led it to believe that the European Union Antitrust laws may be violated by Google, A statement of objections was used by the Commission to Alphabet (the parent company of Google) and Google. An antitrust case has been formally lodged against them along with a public statement that was brief which represents what is really going on.

European Commission Believes Google Is Violating Antitrust Laws

It is believed by the EU that in three related markets a dominant position is held by the company and in order to distort competition, they are using the position. They also went on to claim that there is limited access the company has to the Android ecosystems and the key aspects is a lot more than insisting that Chrome apps and Google search are to be installed by phone makers. They further stated phone makers who produced phones which run on alternative Android versions are blocked by Google. This is in regards to a so called agreement of the anti fragmentation where companies are barred from using Android forks. It also believes that mobile phone companies and device makers have been paid illegally by Google so that the Google search is pre installed exclusively.

The new case of EU is trying to regulate the search market in general but a dispute about the platform market openness though is also in question. As per the arguments that Google has put across, they state that anybody can build any kind of Android flavor that they want since it is open source. They also went on to say that this in turn would help in making the possible Android ecosystem competition. In Europe, if look at the world of Apple there is zero competition on handsets and operating system.

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