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News Feed Changes Planned By Facebook Based On Time Spent By Reader

The News feed of Facebook is changing again, as per the algorithm that was tweaked by the social networking site, the users who spend more time reading will have lot more stories to choose from.

News Feed Changes Planned By Facebook Based On Time Spent By Reader

On Thursday, in an official writing, Jie Xy and Moshe Blank of Facebook, stated that the change would help the company to get a better understanding as to which articles are found interesting on the basis of how long they anybody reads them. This will result in the person getting to see stories that they find interesting to read. The aim of the social network is to mix quality and quantity and not just eliminate clicks entirely.

The duo wrote that this particular update that will be released, will take into consideration the kind of clicks the member is making as well as the amount of time that they are spending on a particular click. This will also result in the fact that a person may not be able to predict what the next headline would be that will show up on their feed.

Even in the past during August 2014, Facebook had made the same promise about emphasising on the time that was spent by a person with a particular story so that the clickbait could be reduced. They even stated that they were planning to measure the time that the user was away from the social networking site after they clicked on the particular article that interested them.

The summer blog post that was posted by the company back then stated that if the user had clicked a particular link but then returned back, it meant that the user did not get what they were looking for. Ever since then, there have been changes on the model somewhat has been made by the company.

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