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Apple Pays $24.9 Million For SIRI Copyright

Apple will be paying $24.9 million in a lawsuit for the voice assistant SIRI which is used by Apple. Apple violated the license by using the SIRI in their iPhones, Unfortunately Apple never had the copyright for the voice assistant and it was owned by Dynamic Advances. According to the sources, Marathon Patent group which control all the activities of Dynamic Advances is entitled for immediate $5 million to be paid for dropping the court case. Once the case has been dropped, the remaining $19.9 million will be paid to the group. After the payment of the complete amount, Apple will be receiving the patent license with a promise that it will never be sued again for next three years.

Apple Pays $24.9 Million For SIRI Copyright

The original contented patent for the natural language interface was originally developed by RPI professor however license was given to the Dynamicn Advances. SIRI was introduced to Apple was introduced in Apple 4 and later on devices. Apple is under the patent of Apple now and now they are free to use it according to their wishes and will. Apple is trying to make some tremendous changes in Apple iPhone. Apple’s SIRI has been upgraded so far is said to be experiencing the level next changes. SIRI is the most uncommon feature of Apple which makes it different from other phones. In recent years the votes for Apple has grown a lot. It would not be completely wrong to commit that people have started buying iPhone for its Apple feature. Earlier SIRI was only limited to iPhones however now Apple has started adding this feature to all of its gadgets. Apple recently launched their TV with the SIRI feature. Apple is working towards making their voice assistant more user friendly and language proof. They are working upon it to work under every language.

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