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Apple Appoints Special Team To Enhance App Store

Apple has always been looking to create better experiences for not only their customers but also for their employees, be it direct Apple employees or third party employees. The latest venture made by Apple is to try to make the Apple App store much better for customers as well as third party developers. Moreover, in order to do that, it is rumored that Apple has created and appointed a special team who is in charge of scrutinizing the activity on the Apple App Store and looking for potential changes on the platform.

Apple Appoints Special Team To Enhance App Store

Till date, they have reported of a few features which can be changed by Apple. The most noticeable changes considered by Apple are the user interface of the App store for the customers and the paid promotion of third party apps. According to recent reports, the company will look to create changes in the user interface, making it easier for the customers to navigate through the App Store easily and also make searches easier. On the other hand, Apple is looking to introduce a payment procedure for third party app developers. With this new system, developers have the option to send their apps at the top of the search list by paying Apple a certain fee amount. This will make it much more visible to the user and prove profitable to the developer.

This special team Apple has created consists of approximately a hundred employees who are currently working on this project on the Apple Store. According to recent reports, the team created by Apple is actually quite new. Thus, there is no guarantee on when these changes will take place or what the final changes will be. The latest change made by Apple was in November 2015, when the company made changes in the algorithm to make results of searches much more relevant.

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