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Google’s Plan To Move To Open Source Code language: Swift

Google seems to have been impressed by the Swift programming of the rival Apple. They seem to be interested in adopting it completely within their system. Swift is an open language which is used for programming. Google’s Android is completely based on Java and initially they won’t be replacing Java with Swift for sure however they slowly plan to migrate on the open source codes for Swift language. Adopting Swift programing language for Android backend will be a major breakthrough at Google’s end. The attention span of Google seems to be towards Swift due to their flexibility in programming. They are easy to use and faster to code as well.

Google’s Plan To Move To Open Source Code language: Swift

Developers will find it easy to code in this language. Some of the other major players like Uber also seems to be deeply moved by the language and seems to be working upon it. One of the major reasons behind Google’s movement on the new source code of the language is also the legal battle between them and Oracle. In an ugly dispute, Oracle filed a court case against Google claiming that they have improperly used their Java API and used them in Android application and Android OS. The case revered against Google in the court of law. Most slightly Oracle has also shown their intention to claim $8.8 billion from the tech giant company. The final decision about the case is still pending and is yet to be heard in court. Google also announced that their Future built Androids will not be using Java. They will prefer to build them upon open source languages.

Google will not replace Java immediately however slowly and steadily Java will be completely wiped off from their system and only Swift language will be used for developing API’s.

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